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Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program for Companies

8 Weeks to a New Career!


Skilled workers. Trained and ready to work.

The Pre-Apprentice program is an 8 week entry level training program designed to develop the basic skills your new employees need but you don’t have the time to teach. The emphasis of this program is to teach the basics of Machining and the processes of Manufacturing. All of our students are tested to ensure they have the Aptitude and Attitude to be successful in your industry. Our goal is to ensure the students you send to us have the mental and physical tools necessary to become your shops next generation of skilled workers.

This program is for shops ready to invest in the future of their company. There are many avenues to find your next generation of skilled workers. You can hire them from a competitor only to have them stolen by the next company willing to pay 50 cents more an hour. You can try staffing agencies who you will pay a marked up rate, over and over, until you find the right person to hire or you can hire Expert Tech. We have two routes for you to find your next Generation skilled worker. You can hire from our pool of recent Expert Tech graduates or you send a newly hired employee with the right work ethic and we will screen them, train them and send them back to you.

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Looking for Individual Pre-Apprentice Training?

The 8 week Pre-Apprenticeship program meets twice a week for three hours. During the program the student will start in our classroom lab where they learn basic skills like precision measurement and blueprint reading.

Next, they progress to our shop floor lab, exercising the skills of manual machining while creating their class project.

The student will finish training in our computer lab learning the basics of Computer Numerical Control(CNC) and conversational programming.

Throughout the program the student is assigned weekly homework complementing the classroom instruction. By the time each student completes the Pre-Apprentice training they will have up to 200 hours of industry specific education.
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