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    There are many things to do in Gran Canaria, if you are tired of the beach and water sports. The place has a lot more to offer. This mini continent is gifted with all the things you can see all over the world. From adventurous sports to shopping to family entertainment, you will surely have the vacation that you deserve.

    Gran Canaria is known to be a beach hub but it is starting to be popular when it comes to adventurous sports such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, excursions and karting. There are many rock formations ready to be explored by enthusiasts such as rock needles, gullies and cauldron like Roque Nublo that has 12 routes, Ayacata and vertical cliffs of Tamadaba. But if you are into mountain biking, there are many challenging paths that you can try, whether on your own or with a guide.

    There are also many things to do in Gran Canaria for the whole family. There are theme parks that you can visit. Sioux City is a theme park with Wild West theme. You can do horse-riding and watch exciting shows. And on Friday nights, you can enjoy a fantastic barbecue dinner while you watch a real wild west show.

    You can also have camel rides in Fataga where you can also learn different things about camels. Cocodrilo Park in Aguimes, will let you see 300 crocodiles, many tropical fishes and a cacti garden all in one place.

    Do you want to experience Venice? Look no further. The island has its own version of Venice in Puerto de Morgan. This town is compared to Venice because of its canals. You can relax after an adventure in the mountains and you will surely be greeted by friendly residents.

    Holidays in Gran Canaria is also equipped with many bars, restaurants and cafes in case you want to deluge yourself with food and drinks.

    How about a taste of Gran Canaria’s culture? This island has a village called the City of Balconies; its real name is Teror. This village is an old Canarian village that is around 20 kilometers from Las Palmas. You will enjoy the houses with beautifully carved balconies, just like the traditional houses in the island. You will also enjoy your trip to this village because you will be presented with stunning views of the countryside. Be sure not to miss the market every Sunday where people from different villages gather to sell all sorts of things from traditional Canarian foods to clothes to local handicrafts.

    If you want to treat yourself, you can go shopping in Las Palmas, the island’s capital city. There are a lot of shops and malls that you can go to whether you want to find inexpensive things or branded clothes. You can also find the popular souvenirs in this city such as small copies of the Canary wooden balconies and local handicrafts. There are also other shopping centers in other towns such as Playa del Ingles and Meloneras. High end stores are located in Meloneras. Playa del Ingles will offer you anything that you need when you go to its huge shopping centers and supermarkets. Name it, and you will find it here. But you need to be careful, Playa del Ingles is also known for selling replicas so good, that you might not be able to see the difference, before it is too late.