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    Plain and simple, like any other skill there is no "fast" way to learn to play guitar. Learning any skill takes time and dedication. The best way to learn guitar "fast" is to dedicate as much time as you can to it and to get some good structured lessons to follow. You should implement a routine that involves strengthening all the guitar skill sets: playing by ear, playing by reading music, learning music theory and learning songs you want to learn.

    Now, I’ve already covered learning to play by ear, so I’m going to touch on learning to read music. Because if anything is going to help you learn guitar "fast" it will be being able to play songs because you can read them. There are 2 kinds of sheet music for guitar: so called "traditional" and tablature. (Funny factoid, tablature is actually the older type of written music for stringed instruments.) I recommend learning both. You can get lots of tablature on the internet, but there are some songs you just won’t find and since tablature is usually fan based it is often wrong. Fortunately, figuring out the wrong notes for yourself is a pretty good lesson in and of itself. Most tablature will be text based and look something like this:







    The numbers on the far left are the string numbers and basically you can picture is an image of your guitar neck if you were looking at it while you play. 6 is low E, 5 is A, 4 is D, 3 is G, 2 is B and 1 is high E. The numbers in the dashes are the fret numbers. 0 being playing the string without holding any fret down. So give

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    The other kind of music is "traditional" sheet music. It is pretty much just as simple, but will require you to learn both the note names on the guitar neck, but also on the paper. This style has a set of 5 solid lines and will put little circles on the lines or spaces that represent the notes. This is called the "staff". Guitar music will have what is called a "G clef" on it. The beginning of the staff will have a fancy script letter G on it. The notes just repeat in alphabetical order: