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    As the leading performance advertising software, HasOffers by TUNE gives thousands of businesses around the world the ability to track and manage their own publisher relationships. The fully-customizable software solution also enables clients to manage campaigns, creatives, invoices, payouts, and more at a detailed level—in real time.

    Of the 750 affiliates that had been working with Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Mr. Riemer suggested severing ties with about a third. As a result, Mr. Jara has seen his affiliate-generated sales drop from about $20,000 a month to less than $10,000. But he said he is not disappointed. Of course, if you hope to maximize your Affiliate Marketing program, you can’t just make it someone’s part-time job or set your campaign to autopilot. You need an experienced partner – a team of Affiliate Marketing professionals who know exactly what it takes to make your program succeed. A team like Gen3. Advanced API calls, a suite of high-converting tools and real-time reporting put our platform above the competition.

    In February 2011, many successful affiliate woke up to find that they’re probably going to go out of business in a matter of weeks or months, no thanks to Google releasing the initial panda update. It’s happening to brands who’ve built up organic Facebook Page audiences, and it’s going to happen time and time again across many third-party platforms whose business model revolves around selling eyeballs. Ideally, you should own your audience – not rent it. If you absolutely have to rent it, rent it from multiple sources.

    Finally, there are a lot of great websites like that can help you estimate where the World is heading. Ultimately, though, knowing what’s around the corner comes down to having an acute awareness of what’s being talked about and piquing people’s curiosity in your industry. When I began affiliate marketing, I promoted products ranging from $0.10 commissions to $100 commissions. It soon became clear that, while having a large volume of low commission sales can create a solid foundation for your affiliate revenue, true growth comes from high commission sales.

    Companies spending millions on

    online marketing efforts may eventually cultivate a need to understand where the opportunities are. These are the likely candidates that will turn to attribution modeling, to help take their online marketing efforts to the next level. APIs are available with the affiliate networks as well as with some programs that work directly with merchants.