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    Vintage t shirts are all the rage and you can now design your own t shirt to meet your mood or whatever you are participating in or just for hanging out. Vintage seems to mean anything from past the time you’re born, so based on how old you are, you can create your own custom t shirt with anything and anyone from the sixties and seventies on the front, or back. Presently, designs with cereal slogans, snacks and food products, mature TV shows and snappy sayings seem to be the most popular designs for custom tops.

    To be able to design your own t shirt, you either need the design software for your personal computer or an online company which allows you to design and upload your creation and they will print out your t shirt for you and send it to you personally. Be careful, but some places make you purchase a minimum of t shirts and you may not want that many of the same design, unless you are planning on giving them away as gifts or you own a bowling league or softball team. Although, having the same design, your own design, in multiple colors wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Many teams and nightclubs design there own t shirts and have them sent to them through Internet companies. This is a growing trend among several organizations that want to present a united front but don’t want the look of a uniform.

    A great art job is for children or young adults to design their own t shirts. See all the unique and various designs they can produce. There are many computer programs that allow you to design your own t shirt and generate a transfer that you either iron with an everyday iron or even using a steam type machine which infused the design to the t shirt material, however these are expensive and usually only companies who make custom t shirts have these.

    There are

    custom apparel to design your own t shirt without having to go to the net and download a program or pay a great deal of money to design and have a customized t shirt printed and shipped to you. There are embroidery and stitching places that can take your design and make it into a t shirt, or there are special crayons and markers that will allow you to custom design your t shirt with out the help of fancy machines and machines. Any craft or sewing shop will carry iron on lettering and a few have various designs you can add things to these as beads, sequins and paint to enhance and make a design custom and your own.