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Department of Labor Approved.


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The Expert Tech Department of Labor Group Apprenticeship shifts the burden of creating your own apprenticeship and learning plan to Expert Technical Training. Expert Tech along with a group of industry professionals will assist with delivering 576 hours of Related Training Instruction(RTI) and tracking the 8,000 hours of On the Job Learning(OJL). The Apprenticeship currently has three career paths: CNC Operator, Tool and Die Maker and Mold Maker. More options are being considered to support the needs of the industry.

The Expert Tech Group Apprenticeship is for Michigan Companies large or small wanting to invest in the future of their company. The apprenticeship creates a formal path to transfer the knowledge of your experienced workforce to the next generation of your skilled workforce. To learn more about registering your employees contact Expert Tech.

The Expert Tech Group Apprenticeship combines on-line/classroom instruction with shop floor lessons. Progressing from entry level to advanced courses the learning plan ensures you meet the minimum 144 hours a year over 4 years or 576 during the course of the apprenticeship. Expert Tech will help you create deliver and track the plan appropriate for your employees.

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