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About Us

Educating the Skilled Workforce.


Expert Technical Training - or Expert Tech - is an employee development and training company born out of the precision machining and die / mold industry. Expert Tech offers online instruction using top rated course content developed by industry professionals.


• Entry level training for those just starting out in the industry (see our Pre-Apprentice program).
• Automated online training from our industry experienced Professionals to enhance and build the skills of your workforce.

Expert Tech has formed a collaborative network of respected training companies to offer specialized, high quality training.

At Expert Tech, we believe that manufacturing needs experts; nothing less. We offer training and education solutions that are designed from the ground up.

We believe that every worker has a right to the most up-to-date information available to help them produce the quality products we expect from our skilled workforce.

And at Expert Tech, we believe that successful companies are built on the abilities of their shop floor workers. That is why we will tirelessly improve our processes and information, to offer the most up-to-date services possible.

Expert Tech provides students with something few others can: an affordable, web-based training format that is as in-depth as it is current and engaging.

We cater to entry level students, educators, and shop floors alike by offering our training in the most accessible format available. Lessons and testing are grouped together in one global system that is always available and reduces time away from work like most in-house training.

With a full line of training courses, as well as experienced professionals, Expert Tech has exactly what you need to ensure that you, your students or workforce are ahead of the pack.






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